Image Group International

Image Group International is a leading international image management coaching organisation.

Established in Australia in 1989 and with representative offices in New Zealand, South East Asia, the UK and the USA Image Group International are internationally recognised as an innovative, progressive business that takes an holistic and empowering approach to image brand management.

We provide advice at an individual and business level to support and enhance personal and corporate brands through strategy development tailored to personal and professional needs.  Our integrated approach off-line & online creates positive change, helping our clients identify opportunities and achieve results that previously were not apparent.


We provide a comprehensive service to help our clients optimise their business, career and personal success.

We have over 20 years experience helping people build and improve their performance across IT, manufacturing, retail, banking, pharmaceuticals, medical, politics, education, telecommunications, media, entertainment, fashion and sport.

Our team of specialists work closely with our clients in the areas of communication, body language, media skills, protocol and etiquette, colour analysis and psychology, grooming principles, wardrobe strategies, negotiating skills and creating influential networks.  An impression can be formed in as little as 5 seconds.

It’s all about your personal brand and style and how this impacts your professional image. As imagemakers our colour consultants, wardrobe advisors and image consultants work closely with you to evaluate your style and offer advice and recommendations, tailoring a plan to enhance your confidence and personal power.

We are guided by our values that help us create positive energy and empowerment in all that we do. It’s these values that help us to focus on what is essential to the success of our clients and the growth of our own business.  

And it is this success that keeps our clients coming back - our unique approach to transforming individuals and organisations, enhancing personal brands through our image consultants; making a difference and creating new possibilities and opportunities for our clients is what sets us apart.

“In the first 5 seconds, your image influences the people you meet.”

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