The Professional Coaching Group

The Professional Coaching Group provides executive coaching, business coaching and mentoring to professionals and entrepreneurs.

Our programs are designed to activate career and business goals and make them come to life. Through our specialist skills and commercial insight we help our clients realise their true value and potential.

Demand in the workplace today for immediate results poses a challenge to many executives and their businesses to maintain strong performance and deliver success. Working across multiple sectors our Group has over 20 years experience in helping people realise and improve their performance.

Our team of specialist business coaches, executive coaches, organisational psychologists and business mentors work closely with our clients to tailor bespoke programs in the areas of behavioural change, career development, communication and presentation, managing change including crisis situations, relationship management and leadership.

We encourage, motivate and challenge individuals to take a different perspective, to leverage their existing strengths, to further develop their skills, improve performance and monetise opportunities.

A leader's greatest contribution is how well they communicate ideas, influence those around them and inspire others to achieve a common goal. Our business and executive coaches have extensive real world commercial experience and understand the challenges businesses face today.  We provide support and guidance focusing on performance and growth; creating sustainable processes for generating new business. We like to call it action based business coaching; helping businesses realise their goals and implement what is needed to achieve them.

Executive coaching enables individuals to increase their capability and capacity, taking their own performance and ultimately that of their business to a new level.  Our executive coaches focus on individual performance including leadership, behaviour change and performance results.

Where practical guidance is needed our business mentor programs are designed to suit established businesses and start ups.  We provide advice and work together to focus on a particular function or tailoring a plan to help take the business forward.

Business coaching, executive coaching and business mentoring accelerate the development of managers and leaders.  Our programs provide a confidential and objective space to explore self-awareness and focus on corrective change. We challenge thinking and problem solving and evaluate behaviour; identifying patterns that can impact decision making and the ability to achieve business goals.

Our coaching programs are about transforming people and organisations, empowering our clients to make positive change.

“Develop a standard for excellence, without distinction, there is extinction.”

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