IGI Venture Capital

IGI Venture Capital is a private venture capital business that provides investment and mentoring to start-ups, SMEs and individuals to monetise ideas and concepts with perceived long-term growth potential.

The business was established to support our group members as well as our clients across IGI Worldwide who are looking for investment partners - business angels, investment opportunities or business advisory services to help take their business to the next level or bring a new idea to life.  Entrepreneurs depend heavily on the availability of financing and advice for new businesses.

With the right combination of skills and capital, venture capital provides a platform of opportunity and support for idea realisation, new business and economic growth.

We are a diverse group of experienced advisors, highly collaborative with expertise across multiple sectors.  We foster a forum of discussion and debate in the commercial realm and work with talented, professional people.  Relationships are important to us as we believe creative intelligence adds strength to our businesses. Our private venture capital team are entrepreneurs and investors, interested in investment opportunities and identifying business partners.

These business angels have extensive commercial and international experience working in and providing business advisory services to start-ups, small to medium size business and large corporates.  It is this experience and wisdom that defines our approach to venture capital.  Through insight and expertise we increase the probability of success for our portfolio companies, and the potential to generate greater returns for our investors.

We are enthusiastic about creating business success, identifying investment opportunities that show potential and collaborating with business partners. We provide access to the capital, relationships and expertise to build successful companies. But its not just about making that happen that motivates us.

We continue to be inspired by the vision and passion of entrepreneurs and their enduring belief and commitment to bringing ideas to life.

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.”
Henry D. Thoreu

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